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Welcome to the Wiley-VCH online manuscript submission service

With this service you can submit manuscripts to a number of Wiley-VCH journals, you will be able to check the content of your submission, the electronic file will be used for editorial assessment and online refereeing, and the editorial decision on the manuscript will be communicated to you.

By using this service you will guarantee fast and safe submission of your manuscript, and speed the assessment process.

In order to use the service you will need to be the SENIOR CORRESPONDENCE AUTHOR of the paper, and click on “register” and follow the instructions. If you have already done so, please proceed by entering your username and password on the next page.

You will need ONE text file of your manuscript, CONTAINING all figures and tables etc.
Supporting Information should be added to the end of the same file.
Acceptable file types are: Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, Postscript, and PDF.